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16 UX And Optimization Must-Reads

Wondering why no one showed up to see your newly revamped website? You’re mistaken if you think that simply building a website and expecting visitors to pour in is enough.

Your online website must be able to deliver a personalized, engaging, and responsive user experience design. Moreover, real results, intuitive design, and memorable experiences lead to recurring visitors.

The modern age calls for great products since they are intensely scrutinized and often reviewed/rated by multiple individuals.

Execution and intention are the only things that set an average design apart from a great one. Top user experience design companies make sure to focus on this ideology.

The minute users start interacting and visiting your site, the user experience is engaged. The better the experience, the longer the visitors will stay.

Therefore, leveraging great user experience provides you a fair chance to give a tough time to competitors.

Today, we shall look at 16 UX and optimization must-reads to help you learn more about user experience and proper implementation. Let’s get started!

What Are UX And Optimization?

Website success depends largely on how users interact with it. Most visitors think of the following when deciding whether they want to leave or surf longer on your site:

  • Is the website giving me value?
  • Am I finding the interface easy to use?
  • Does the website navigate me to the correct content?
  • Am I engaged, and is the website pleasant to use?

If you know anything about UX, you should know that getting customers to answer yes to all the questions above is your best bet.

You need to hook users and make use of insights to offer a great design experience. User thoughts, concerns, and emotions must also be considered.

To develop the perfect design, designers must use specifications, interaction flows, wireframes, information architectures, high-resolution comps, prototypes, and personas. Content organization, conducting surveys, and encouraging usability studies also aid this process.

UX professionals must, therefore, be hired for this job. Remember that UX is not just about the visual appeal but more about user-centric design that aids problem-solving, positive experience, ease of use, and better interaction.

What Are User Experience Design Rules?

  • Must be natural and should grasp user attention.
  • Clients should not get confused or think twice while using your site.
  • Consistent operation is a must to ensure a great experience.
  • The UX design should improve the customer lifecycle.
  • Vision definition, planning, strategies, measurement, iteration, and execution optimize the user experience.
  • Influence helps create a rich experience, and your design must respect/empower visitors.
  • Keep customers happy by guiding them on how to use your service or products.
  • Measurable and scientific UX results are attained through the creation of working prototypes.

What Are The Top 16 Articles That UX Newbies Must Read?

If you want to know more about UX and optimization or are just starting in the field, then you must read the 16 articles mentioned below:

The First Rule Of UX

This guide created by Joshua can help you become more acquainted with best practices and relevant terms. It can easily put you on the path to becoming a UX professional.

User Experience: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

This is a blog on Usability Geek, posted by Amy Harvey. It is perfect for UX beginners and can help set the perfect base for UX knowledge.

Don’t Make Me Think: 20 Wise Thoughts About Usability From Steve Krug

The book by Steve Krug is the best book on website usability. This guide on UX Planet by Tubik Studio shares important facts from Krug’s teachings.

Thirteen Tenets Of User Experience

A blog on Smashing Magazine by Robert Hoekman, Jr. He is an experienced UX professional who gives away tips in this blog that he has learned throughout his career.

52 Research Terms You Need To Know As A UX Designer

Posted by Ligertwood, the article offers a full dictionary of research terminologies.

The Beginner’s Manifesto

Shared on UXBeginner and offers professionals some motivation. It asks individuals not to doubt themselves and tells them that even top achievers began somewhere.

Empathy Mapping: The First Step In Design Thinking

The article is posted on Nielsen Norman Group by Sarah Gibbons and helps visualize user behavior and attitude. It also aids UX teams in understanding end users and encourages mapping to eradicate loopholes in user data.

Dark Patterns And Aggressive Persuasion – 3 Reasons To Avoid!

Posted on Boagworld by Paul Boag and talks about unethical dark patterns, their impact, and why/how they should be avoided.

7 Unbreakable Laws Of User Interface Design

A blog posted on 99designs by Vukovic calls for better-customized experiences and improved UI design. It talks about how rising demand is going to make these more important.

UI Vs. UX: What’s The Difference Between User Interface And User Experience?

Posted by UserTesting that answers a common question and helps differentiate UI and UX.

The Importance Of Designing For Readability

Carrie Cousins discusses that users get frustrated fast if they find the text difficult to read.

The Usability Of Your Website Starts With Its Content

This article by Patrick Frehtenbaum posted on Usability Geek emphasizes the importance of SEO, graphics, and great website content.

Why User Experience Is Critical To Customer Relationships

This blog indicates how UX is necessary for brand relevancy in a customer-centric era. It is written by Brian Solis and posted on Fast Company.

A Comprehensive Guide To User Experience Design

Posted on Smashing Magazine by Christopher Murphy. This blog talks about the importance of mapping and helps professionals stay on track during the iterative design stage.

The Most Fundamental Concept In Usability

Posted by Jeff on Measuring Usability, the guide talks about core concepts, the importance of usability testing, and why users from the target market should be used for this.

Methods To Achieve User Delight

This informative article on InspireUX Designers by Catriona Cornett talks about attracting users, how it is done, and 19 points that can be used to provide an amazing customer experience.


We hope you enjoyed going through our picks. Make sure to read each one until the end, so you do not miss out on the important stuff!

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