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Why Large Businesses Are Making The Switch To Digital Business Cards

Using digital business cards is straightforward. However, using them as a practical part of business methods requires creativity and a distinct vision.

If you are interested in knowing more about digital business cards and why so many large-scale businesses are opting for these, then you are in the right spot.

Today, we shall look at the value digital cards can bring to any company and how they can help evolve business processes and employee networks. Let’s get started!

What Is A Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards are also known as:

  • Virtual contact cards.
  • Virtual business cards.
  • Social media business cards.

These cards are the alternate version of paper cards backed up by modern technology.

The advancements in technology in the modern era call for better interactions, improved data communication, and advanced networking tools. All of these are necessary for success.

Since most businesses and individuals work through WiFi devices or smartphones, digital cards make much more sense.

Virtual cards’ ultimate goal is to use traditional layouts with new platforms and tools. Modernization has come about due to new technologies, global initiatives, and improved interactions.

DBCs, or digital business cards, emerged in 2021 and have been predicted to grow popular throughout 2022.

  • Eye-to-eye interaction makes virtual cards unique.
  • Digital cards emphasize human interactions rather than information delivery.
  • DBCs are successful because they are modern and digital and increase eco-friendliness.
  • Virtual cards are perfect for large, small, and modern companies globally.

Can Digital Business Cards Bring Value For A Business?

The limitless nature is what sparks the value of digital business cards. This means they are environmentally friendly lead-generation assets that use digital technology. Digital cards are perfect for expos, events, etc.

Companies globally have started using DBCs to simplify initiatives and bring value. They do so through the following methods:

Available 24/7

A company may not often know or be able to predict future networking opportunities. Professionals often wish they had business cards on them when presented with similar opportunities. Digital business cards came in and eradicated this issue by being available 24/7.

The worst part is that looking for information to share with a potential client if you do not have a business card can lead to embarrassment and poor first impressions. Virtual cards provide peace of mind to employees as such an issue will never occur with this new technology.

  • Most people carry their phones regularly instead of documents and paper business cards.
  • You can give off a better impression due to 24/7 virtual card availability.
  • You do not need to reprint cards, waste resources, or refill your wallet with paper cards each time they run out.


Environmentalists and individuals globally are placing greater emphasis on working towards a greener future. Therefore, companies and organizations should also take part in this movement to prove that they care.

This can be easily done through better tools and processes that help reduce toxic waste, chemicals, and pollution. The use of paper has surely burdened the global ecosystem.

It has been estimated that 10 billion cards are printed yearly, with most of these ending up in waste disposals. This means a whopping 120k trees are cut down to make paper for these cards yearly.

  • Digital cards help participate in environment protection campaigns.
  • Clients often appreciate companies that show they care, which simply means more leads.


Since virtual cards mean no paper is used, the resources and money used to generate these are significantly lower. A small amount of money can help you generate virtual cards that you can easily share with employees. These can be viewed, shared, and accessed 24/7 on any WiFi device.

Fewer paper cards or none at all means that you can save on printing costs. Plus, DBCs can be matched up with branding, mediums, and content capabilities to find the perfect ratio for business representation.

How To Back Up Employees With Digital Business Cards?

Since employees represent your company and are important assets, plus true advocates, it is essential to back them up with relevant best practices. Let us look at how virtual business cards can be used to do this below:

Employee Success

Implementing tools to support employees can help your business reach new heights. Appreciating employee achievements increases positive sentiments and support.

Digital business cards allow employees to become top networkers. Trust and honest communication helps improve any business.

  • DBCs boost confidence and allow employees to practice network-building capabilities.
  • Any investment you make through digital cards returns in the form of better stakeholder investments and leads.
  • Engaged employees act as business assets, salespeople, and even superb advocates.

Better Networking

Superb communication, both externally and internally, within any organization is crucial for great results and success. However, you must define what information you wish to share, practice brand equity management and define supported platforms, especially if your organization is a large one.

It is not easy to maintain/establish network tools and content to be used by the IT department, marketing team, and designers. The resources required to do this cannot be estimated exactly due to the task’s complexity.

  • Digital business cards eradicate the problems above, even if a large-scale company is facing them.
  • Employee growth and improved networking boost company growth. They are the perfect recipe for continuous success.
  • Superb employee networking means you can have a tough time with competitors.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Digital Business Cards?

  • Enables quick information sharing.
  • Helps expand business connections for better reach.
  • All details in one place mean that you do not need to share separate chunks of information with clients.
  • Information can be updated instantly.
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly.
  • Enables creative presentation.


No matter what attracts you to digital business cards, the truth is that they are truly great tools to gear your company toward success. The best part is that they are available 24/7, can be accessed on all WiFi devices, and help reduce paper waste. A win-win!

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