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What’s The Difference Between SaaS And An API?

You may have heard of SaaS (Software as a Service) and API (Application Programming Interface) quite often if you are an individual who is part […]

You may have heard of SaaS (Software as a Service) and API (Application Programming Interface) quite often if you are an individual who is part of the business industry. Both these terms are becoming even more frequently used today as they gradually embed themselves into our everyday life.

Large companies like Hubspot, SalesForce, Amazon, and Microsoft have been in the industry for a long time. Therefore, it is a must to up your technological game if you want to give tough competition to others in your target market. Failing to do so will lead to a loss in market share.

Finding out and learning more about ways you can optimize technical performance in your company is something you simply cannot ignore.

If you wish to learn more about SaaS and API, plus what makes them different or similar, you are in the right spot.

In this guide, we shall see what distinguishes SaaS from API and the characteristics of each. Lets get started!

What Is SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service is cloud-based software. Software providers deliver these applications to users with WiFi devices with an Internet connection.

SaaS software access is allowed to users utilizing a mobile application, web app, or website.

Other popular cloud-based software solutions include IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Therefore, tons of companies/businesses offer services through apps and web platforms.

A few examples include:

  • Hubspot offers a CRM based on SaaS.

  • SalesForce offers CRM tools.

  • Shopify allows eCommerce through SaaS.

What Is An API?

The API or Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of communication rules/methods that must be used for data exchange between several components.

An API is a software interface that provides solutions to other software, allowing communication between two or more software programs.

These are also implemented and designed in multiple ways:

  • RPC APIs.

  • Websocket APIs.

  • SOAP APIs.

  • REST APIs.

REST APIs have become popular as they are stateless, which means that client data does not need to be stored on data servers between requests.

These APIs follow the design principles of REST (Representational State Transfer Architecture) which is why it is often labeled or referred to as the RESTful API.

Since this communication is done through HTTP protocols, reading, updating, deleting, and creating records present in one source becomes easier. This is also referred to as CRUD.

Are SaaS And APIs Similar?

APIs make data requests possible through third parties. Data can also be easily manipulated based on user authorization. SaaS, on the other hand, makes it easier for users to make use of specific functions.

SaaS can make use of one or several APIs to manipulate, request or change data present inside a cloud-based software. API is useful for SaaS Tools but is not necessary to use. This is because SaaS software does not always have to communicate with other software applications.

API and SaaS differences are challenging to point out and require in-depth study to see differences more clearly.

What Is A SaaS API?

SaaS Tools or software can make use of APIs to connect with other apps for data communication. A SaaS API is simply a cloud-based software tool that enables the communication between various applications. These applications have separate APIs, meaning the SaaS is run by data fed through each component.

Anyone paying for a SaaS application can access an online platform with several functions and tools. The provider uses SaaS API to provide you with several different functionalities, all in one place, to keep the interface neat and versatile.

APIs help you get data and tools not part of the SaaS tool. Communication with other databases enables the SaaS software to be optimized perfectly based on the users needs.

This concept brings in lots of benefits to SaaS companies that are not as large-scale. They do not have enough resources to pay developers to get various components and code built from scratch. Using the services of other companies through APIs helps resolve this issue.

What Is The SaaS Market Potential?

Most businesses these days have established themselves online. With even more organizations that have a better understanding of the Internet and web, setting up the correct infrastructure for customers has been made a whole lot simpler through SaaS.

The SaaS market is rapidly growing and is estimated to reach 2000 billion US dollars by 2024. Therefore, any business that wishes to succeed must use SaaS products to help them attain a competitive advantage in its niche.

Why Should Businesses Invest in SaaS APIs?
  • SaaS API solutions require lower investment and resources than On-Premise software, which calls for hiring developers to create code from scratch. They also help save added time and energy.

  • Flexible pricing plans mean a package for each type of consumer, and they can pick out one that offers the services they need.

  • A business can immediately start using SaaS software once they have purchased it. There is no need for maintenance, configuration, or management.

  • Support teams can help you troubleshoot issues as they are experts at the SaaS solution you pick. This saves up additional costs you would have to bear by hiring developers to manage on-premise software.

  • SaaS API solutions scale with a company, are flexible and can be optimized easily.

  • The number of users and API volume can be handled by choosing the right pricing package.

  • Options to choose from several regional cloud gateways enable global usage and access to SaaS API platforms.

  • VPN/VPC peering and hybrid API management help keep the software, backend, and company data secure.

  • API Management SaaS vendors offer free trials and low-priced plans for beginners or those who want to try and check out their services.


SaaS and API are different technologies. Even though APIs cannot use SaaS, SaaS can surely use multiple APIs to provide API Management SaaS or SaaS APIs to businesses. This helps bring in tons of benefits, so read all the points above if you wish to invest.

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