How Marketing Automation Can Boost Customer Loyalty -

How Marketing Automation Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Marketing is an essential part of any business. It comprises the methods and techniques that become the driving force to bring a plethora of purchasers. But are you aware of the automation techniques of marketing? It fundamentally helps you boost your business by not just creating loyal customers but also attracting a great number of new customers.

Before finding out the most useful automation techniques, it is better first to understand what loyal customers are and highlight their importance.

Customer Loyalty: An Overview

Customer loyalty refers to a customer who is committed to your brand. Loyal customers will always opt for your brand for your quality services, customer service approach, and other unique strategies you use. These customers are valuable assets for any growing business as they will always spend more, guaranteeing improved revenue and brand image.

But acquiring brand loyalty can be challenging as it involves having excellent customer satisfaction.

An excellent example of best brand loyalty can be taken from Apple Inc. This Big Tech has a brand retention rate of 90% and has acquired a customer loyalty of 78% with just its iPhone. Moreover, the company has secured a wide loyal customer base by providing quality customer service and listening to consumer opinions when launching updates.

Why Is Customer Loyalty Important?

In recent research, it was found out that a longtime customer shall be spending up to at least 70 percent more money than a new customer. Loyal customers are meant to bring indefinite stability to your business, as their loyalty binds them to become your permanent subscriber in the long run. It may be slow and time-consuming, but it inevitably proves extremely profitable.

Furthermore, a brand must keep itself updated on its current standing. Loyal customers are there to let you know if there is a need to improve in any sector through their feedback and reviews. Their constructive criticism is impeccably useful and should be prioritized without any negligence.

How Can Automation In Marketing Techniques Boost Customer Loyalty?

Customers are the biggest key to success for any business. Marketing Automation ensures an increase in loyal customers by making the whole marketing process much more efficient and systemic.

Focusing on improving customer relationships can enable your customers to trust your brand more. This can be done by using a marketing automation tool that aids in identifying potential customers to make retargeting easier. You can create effective marketing campaigns by obtaining comprehensive customer data and utilizing it.

It is complex to guarantee the probability of future customer purchases fully. But by ensuring the provision of top-quality customer service, the chances of repurchases increases.

Let’s take a closer look at how automation can be beneficial from a business person’s point of view.

Reduces Staffing Costs

As obvious as it sounds, creating an environment that uses automated software to promote your brand significantly impacts your staffing cost. It allows you to free your team’s time and allows them to work on other projects that require their attention simultaneously. This also makes tasks much easier as your team won’t have to worry about posting on social media or typing emails to get customer reviews, as automation software will automate this process.

Efficient Reporting

Automated software will enhance your business’s peripheral vision by providing precise reports. It would not just keep track of your ups and downs but also provide an overview of actions required to overcome the complications that one’s business might face.

Lead Nurturing

Automation in marketing makes lead nurturing plausible, as it is an essential component of a business. Automation keeps track of campaigns and takes the responsibility to check their impactfulness by sending emails, messages, social media, and other communication services that can let customers know about how a business cares about their demands. This results in achieving customer loyalty by creating an optimistic outlook for your audience and a positive image of your business.

Setting Priorities

Once you have hooked your new customers with your acknowledging approach, you should develop strategies aligned with your users’ preferences. This way, you will easily accommodate your customer base with much more precision, as their needs and wants would be your top priority.

Offering Discounts

With a thorough analysis of demand and supply, retailers can give customers discounts on products they purchase regularly and on those that complement them. Offering an exclusive discount is a great way to retain a larger percentage of your customer base.

BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deals are an example of how you can anchor your customers by providing them with a product of their choice with an additional value without any cost. It might not be of their liking, but it will inevitably bring them back to you.

Numbering Customers

Customers should be segregated on the basis of their interaction with the brand and their loyalty. The approach of categorizing lets you personalize your customers’ experiences and makes it easier to provide royalties and privileges to those who have been with your brand for a long time. It also allows a brand to devise and provide different preferences to new incoming customers.

Picks Out Brand Advocates

Advocates and ambassadors are customers who use their influence to bring in more potential customers by promoting your products and services. This method helps businesses grow and acquire new customers while rewarding existing loyal ones.

Social media integration allows businesses to identify customers who advocate for their services and bring in purchasers. This way, aspiring businesses can create and offer incentives to such customers, boosting their loyalty.

Response Rate Measurement

Communicating with your customers as soon as they engage with your brand is crucial. Your customers will have discussions on various platforms. So opting for marketing automation software can help your team monitor platforms like Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and gain insights into your customer base and brand performance. And when you observe people talking about your brand, you can use the opportunity to reply to them.

Offer Subscription Services

Subscription-based programs help retain customers for a long time while offering them special incentives that stand out from the competition. This can be done by using marketing automation and sending customers pop-ups and emails of discounts on subscribing to programs or newsletters. Once the subscription is gained, it will encourage the customers to take action and use this initiative more frequently.

Request And Monitor Feedback

Asking for customer feedback and appreciating it creates an image that your brand is committed to constantly improving its services and values its customers. This can be achieved in various ways, but marketing automation software is key to making the approach more effective.

Marketing automation lets businesses request feedback and respond to them immediately after a customer interacts. For example, an email sent to the customer right after they contact customer care asking for their experience will make a good impression on them about your brand. Quick and simple feedback requests make it easier for customers to share their reviews and thoughts, allowing businesses to improve their services while positively impacting potential customers.


Every business needs to put effort into building a community of loyal customers. Automation in marketing techniques will help you to differentiate yourselves from others. It will significantly assist in increasing sales and building a better reputation among your old and new customers.

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