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5 Tips for Getting Higher Quality Leads in Your Pipeline

E-commerce, marketing, and media have seen a sharp rise in popularity in the last decade, with several e-corporate giants emerging worldwide. However, it takes a lot of key elements to run an e-business successfully. One is understanding the importance of quality leads and how to get more of them in your sales pipeline.

It is easy, and a game of chance, to earn higher-quality leads. Instead, there are certain tips and techniques that you can employ to build your lead database with qualified leads and avoid wasting time on junk leads.

5 Tips For Getting Higher Quality Leads In Your Pipeline

1. Improvement In Automated Emails

The most significant aspect of generating quality leads is improving communication with customers and subscribers. Properly managing automated and triggered emails, such as newsletter subscriptions and milestone emails, can result in high click-thru, conversion, and open rates. However, not many businesses take full advantage of this fact.

Some emails that your business can automate or set to trigger to attract leads are:

  • Milestone emails, including anniversaries or achievements.
  • Welcoming emails for new members and subscribers.
  • Re-engagement messages for subscribers that have not engaged with the brand in months.
  • Alerts and other notifications to keep subscribers updated about fresh developments in the business.

2. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gained all the traction in e-commerce and media in the last few years, and rightfully so. SEO has become the foremost tool for bringing businesses to the frontiers and the public eye. This is because the first step for all customers to know about a business is to use a search engine and specific keywords. Hence, businesses must look into decent Search Engine Optimization for their website in order to attract leads.

Businesses need to use specific keywords and phrases using SEO tools or experts to push their site further up the search engine’s first page. The more such terminologies are used, the better the webpage is optimized for search engines. However, businesses must ensure to do everything correctly, for example, by using out-of-context keywords which do not relate to the purpose of the original search. This practice of bait-and-switch tends to agitate readers.

Similarly, it is also best to include some call-to-action links so that readers are led to important product pages on the site or sign up for emails and newsletters.

3. Designing Targeted Content

Quality content that serves its purpose is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to lead generation. It allows customers and potential leads to understanding your site’s purpose and the qualities and products of your business. It shows that you have ample knowledge in the respective area. You can design quality targeted content by incorporating certain ideas such as:

  • Blog posts and articles that answer frequently asked questions and help readers understand the products and services you offer.
  • White papers, i.e., research ebooks or documents that give in-depth answers and details about a specific topic.
  • Customer stories and feedback in order to gain the attention of a wider audience and promote your product organically.

4. Know Your Audience

This tip sums up and incorporates all other tips because in order to be able to attract quality leads, it is necessary to understand and define the audience that visits your site, for example, their purpose of visiting. Online tools are readily available to help identify your organic traffic and its goals.

The type of audience differs from business to business. Hence it is significant to know yours to earn quality leads.

5. Focus On Your Website

E-commerce giants attracting a multitude of quality leads have one thing in common: catchy and purposeful websites. The website of a business is the first thing audiences come across before looking deeper into products, reviews, documents, et cetera. Therefore, investing in professional website UI/UX design and hosting service providers will help you see an almost immediate rise in traffic and lead generation.

Other Tips To Follow

Apart from identifying and segregating quality leads from an influx of audience, site owners also need to identify junk leads so that they can target their content and filter their audience accordingly. Business owners also need to optimize their landing pages to be well-targeted and serve their purpose, such as answering all questions and consisting of detailed forms.

Another technique to identify qualified leads is to align sales and marketing. This is because marketing is concerned with attracting new leads, and sales ensure that these leads are qualified. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that these two processes are on the same page because disagreements between them could be disastrous for the site and the business at large.

Optimizing the website for use on mobile devices and utilizing social media for marketing purposes can also help bring in quality leads in the sales pipeline.


Although quality lead generation in your sales pipeline can be a relatively arduous task, it does not necessarily have to be. At the end of the day, it all comes down to smart practices and techniques. By implementing these tactics and learning how to avoid junk leads, your website will be attracting qualified leads in no time.

The more advanced and effective the quality lead generation process, the more the business flourishes. This is because such a business is able to identify and filter potential buyers from the general audience that is either unsure about purchasing or is not in a position to do so.

For e-business owners, it is always best to look for and invest in professional tools and services like all-in-one online store builders or custom web designing services in order to host websites that generate quality leads in the pipeline. There are several affordable plans offered by various service providers for such tools and services that boast excellent reviews and are not a burden on the budget.

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