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Five stars for everything! Quality, design, documentation, code, etc! Great product from a great company!


Get a Custom-Coded
WordPress or Shopify Theme

Whether you need an entirely new theme or are looking for some
customization work, we can help you out.


Custom WordPress

Get a highly customizable, fast, SEO-optimized WordPress theme. Improve your website design, make sure it aligns with your brand, and help your business stand out! We develop all kinds of WordPress themes, including eCommerce, business, and blogging.


Shopify Themes

Want to boost your Shopify sales? Give your website a new look with a custom-made Shopify theme. Enjoy custom features, better SEO optimization, and sell more products.


Theme Updates
and Customization

Got an existing custom theme but don’t have the expertise or manpower to customize it yourself? Our team can update and customize any existing Shopify or WordPress theme - provided you’ve got the rights to do so!

Website Themes for Any
Product, or Service

We develop themes for any industry, including:






Personal Branding

Online Marketplaces

Local Businesses

Professional Services

Marketing Agencies




Real Estate




Social Media



And many more…

Get a Custom-Coded Website Theme
and Stand Out from the Crowd


A Website Theme is an Extension
of Your Website and Brand

Here’s what you get when you develop your website theme with WorkDo.

High Customization Possibilities

When working on your WordPress or Shopify theme, we can customize it to your business needs. That way, you won’t be dependent on plugins and can optimize your site management experience. Just let us know which features you need, and we’ll take care of the rest!

SEO-Optimized Code

Whether it’s WordPress or Shopify, we always stick to SEO best practices. Thanks to an SEO-friendly markup, search engine bots can easily crawl and read your website. This, in turn, helps boost your site’s search engine performance.

Brand-Friendly Design

One of the key reasons for getting a custom-made theme is its branding capabilities. After all, a generic theme makes your site look exactly that - generic. When developing your custom theme, we'll ensure its design suits your branding guidelines. This will help your brand and website stand out, attracting more (loyal) customers.

Scalable Architecture

Most premade WordPress themes aren’t designed to handle a growing number of visitors. At WorkDo, we understand how to create stable themes with proper data structures. Themes that can grow and scale together with your business.

Built-in Speed Optimization

One of the biggest issues with generic WordPress and Shopify themes? Poor website performance and speed due to poorly optimized code. All our custom themes are optimized for speed, as well as other Core Web Vitals. This ensures great visual performance on all modern desktop and mobile devices.

Better User Experience

A well-designed theme is the foundation of your website design. As such, it’s what can make or break your site’s UX. A fast website coupled with smooth content loading and good branding is key to an amazing user experience. An experience they won’t find at any of your competitors.

Modern Development Process

One of the hardest tasks for any developer is to try and update poorly written code. When developing your theme, we emphasize both great design and best coding practices. That way, we can develop high-performing, great-looking themes that come with error-free code that’s easy to read and update.

Post-Delivery Support

Both WordPress and Shopify keep evolving - and so do your needs. At WorkDo, we can help your website grow and evolve together with them. After we deliver each theme, we can assist you with its maintenance and security updates. We can even deliver new customizations and features to suit your changing needs.

Get a Custom Website Theme and
Take Your Site’s UX to New Heights

Here’s what you get with each app kit:

White-Label Development

Running a web development or a marketing agency? We offer Android and iOS app kit design white-label service. Reach out to discuss the details and get a new partner for your growing business.


A Proven Coding Process

Our team developed dozens of SEO-optimized, fast website themes. Here’s how we work.


A Discovery Call

First, we meet for a quick discovery call, during which we talk about your business, and its brand, and check if we’re a good fit. If we are, we discuss all the features and customizations that you’d like to see in your custom theme.


Requirements Analysis and Mockup Design

Once you let us know your needs, we proceed to analyze your business and brand. All this is key to planning and developing theme architecture and design. During this stage, our designers will also present you with a mockup. That way, you'll get to see some of their ideas in action.


Architecture Planning

Next, we proceed to plan the architecture of your theme. This phase includes the entire theme backend - from sitemaps to data structures. The goal is to enrich your theme with custom functions without compromising its speed or SEO.


Development & Testing

This is where the magic happens. In this stage, our developers take the architecture plans and put everything together. They also perform thorough testing to ensure proper theme functioning even on a fast-growing website.


Client Delivery

Once the theme is developed and tested, it’s time to handle it over to you. Together with the theme, we’ll give you any supporting documentation that will help you make changes, update, or customize the theme.


Maintenance and Support

Lastly, we can agree to stay in touch for any maintenance or feature development work. Of course, if you have a developer on your team, you can also maintain the theme yourself.

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the Development Process

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A Custom-Coded Theme Makes
Your Business Stand Out

We’ve designed dozens of mobile apps. Here’s how
an app can help your business if you let us design yours:

Gain More Flexibility

Every business is different. To offer your audience the best UX, you need a theme that can meet your unique business requirements. Unfortunately, with a generic theme, you’re forced to stick to the features that are already built into it. A custom-coded theme gives you the flexibility to add all the features you need to thrive. Plus, as your brand grows, you have the freedom to add new features that suit changing business needs.


Make Your
Website Unique

A generic theme makes your site look generic. Sure, it usually gives you some customization options. However, most of the time they’re minor and don’t go beyond colors or widget placements.

So, if one of your competitors picks the same theme, your websites will look alike. A custom theme allows you to customize every little detail of your website design. Thanks to that, you can align its look with your brand and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.


Secure Your
Vital Asset

One of the biggest drawbacks of generic themes is their poor security. First, many themes suffer from infrequent security updates.

Moreover, you never know who’s on the other side (and who has access to the code of the theme). Not to mention that you don’t even know how secure the code of the theme is!

A custom-coded theme allows you to significantly tighten the security of your website. That’s assuming it’s developed by a team with years of experience and dozens of projects under their belt.


Enjoy Better

A WordPress theme is only as fast and as SEO-optimized as its developers make it to be. A custom-coded theme allows you to add the things you need and cut out those that you don’t.

It also allows you to have it coded following theme design and SEO best practices. The above is key to making your theme fast and SEO-friendly. Which are the two things you need to give your website traffic a boost.


Your Website

Imagine you're running an established website, but need a custom theme feature... You can't really ask its developer to add it just for you? On top of that, you never know when they stop releasing new features altogether. Or worse - when they decide to stop releasing security updates. When this happens, you may be forced to ditch your current theme altogether. That's when you'll have to move over to an entirely new theme, redesigning your site. And, depending on the size of your website, the cost of such migration may be higher than that of developing a custom theme in the first place. With a custom theme, you are in control of the entire maintenance and update process.

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