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All-In-One e-Commerce Package
  • All-In-One Bundle includes Back-End, Native iOS App, native Android App, and Front-End Theme
  • Free Theme/Package Installation
  • Free 6 Months of Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • 100% No Questions Asked Refund Policy
$ 165
  • Last Update:

    Jan 21,2023

  • Published:

    26 Dec,2022

  • Resolution:


  • Software Version:

    Laravel 9, iOS Swift 5.0, Kotlin 1.x, Android 9.0 ~ 13.0

  • Files Included:

    PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files, Laravel Admin and Backend Zip file, iOS Zip file, Android Zip file

  • Documentation:

    Well Documented

  • Layout:


  • Compatible Browsers:

    Chrome, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera


Make Shopping for Plants More Convenient Than Ever

Selling plants online is tough - every plant is different. As a result, presenting your offer in a way that compels your audience to take action can be challenging.

That's unless you have a good eCommerce theme.
Here’s how Garden helps you showcase your offer:

  • Let your audience filter plants or supplies by brand, type, or one of many other filters. Help them quickly find the one that meets their needs.
  • Give customers an intuitive, fast, and secure mobile app. Let them shop for your products wherever they are.
  • Spoil your visitors with excellent store performance. All that thanks to the carefully optimized Laravel backend powering the theme.

Help Your Audience Make
a Buying Decision

Selling plants online is tough. Because every plant is different, presenting your offer in a way that compels your audience to take action can be challenging.

Here’s how Garden helps your audience make a buying decision:

  • Use intuitive, clear product galleries to upload a mix of product images and videos. Help your audience see each plant in more detail.
  • Present your audience with all the details they might need about each plant. Clear layouts help make the details easy to read.
  • Easily create beautiful landing pages. Make the call-to-actions and checkout buttons easy to spot (and click!).

Build a Brand That
Stands Out

The Internet is a crowded place. To succeed, you want to build a brand that your customers will keep coming back to.

Here’s how Garden helps you build that brand:

  • Modern design allows you to establish credibility on the spot and helps your audience remember you.
  • The theme follows all the latest design and development trends. This puts you ahead of competitors who use older technology and outdated designs.
  • The theme customizer lets you edit website design in seconds. This helps you keep your branding consistent.

The Garden theme, together with a dedicated Laravel backend and an intuitive mobile app

Garden is designed to help your business stand out from the gardening industry crowd. It offers everything you need to start selling. Leverage all its features, build a brand, and encourage customers to keep coming back.

Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

#What does "Theme/Package Installation" mean?

For an easy-to-install theme/package, we have included step-by-step detailed documentation (in English). However, if it is not done perfectly, please feel free to contact the support team at

#What does “Regular updates” mean?

You receive product updates, including bug fixes and new features, whenever we release them.

#What does "6 months of support" mean?

Our technical experts are here to help you and your project succeed with our products. All requests and issues during the first six months will be processed by our experts within 24-48 hours.

#What is a 100% No Questions Asked Refund (Money-back guarantees)?

Upon purchasing our product, you will have a seven-day window to review it and confirm that it is operating as per the intended and described functionality. In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with the product, that hinders its ability to perform as described and intended, we provide a comprehensive reimbursement guarantee.

#Are there Copyrighted Images in my purchase?

Yes. All images used in our live preview demos are copyrighted to their respective owners and are not usable without the respective owner's permission.

#Can I Use The Themes and Packages on For Commercial Use?

Yes, all of the templates on can be used for commercial use.

#Is It Possible To Customize The Themes & Packages On

Yes, all of the templates on are fully customizable.

#Are There Any Additional Costs Associated With Using The Themes or Packages From

No additional costs are associated with using the Themes & Packages from Once you have purchased a template, you have the right to use it indefinitely.

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Grow Your Business with
the Garden Theme

Thanks to the theme’s modern design and advanced features, your audience can

Easily Browse Available Products

One of the biggest advantages of Garden is the ease of categorizing your products. Create different product categories and let your audience filter your offer using one or many different filters. Help them find their dream plants faster and skyrocket your conversion rate.

Share (and Learn) Product Feedback

There’s no better way to talk about the benefits of your products than to let customers do the talking. With Garden, you can easily collect and display product reviews. Collect social proof and give your audience more reasons to take action!

Shop on Their Favorite Device

The theme follows the latest design good practices. This includes both its mobile and desktop versions. Thanks to the theme’s responsive design, your audience can browse your offer on their favorite device. All that without having to sacrifice browsing convenience or performance.

Checkout with Confidence

The theme integrates with all the popular payment methods. This ensures that the connection is secure, and helps your customers shop with confidence. Additionally, such a connection significantly increases the security of their data.

…and you get a professional eCommerce store that’s


We know that the theme alone is not enough to succeed in eCommerce. When designing Garden, we put extra care into making sure it comes optimized for SEO. We also made sure it’s easy to perform further optimization as you start populating your store with content.


Every element of Garden was created to help you sell plants, tools, and gardening supplies. Thanks to that, it offers a better conversion rate out of the box. Especially compared to its generic alternatives.

Rich in eCommerce FeaturesFeature

Garden is a tremendous choice for developing an eCommerce store. Not only does the theme come with all the core features you might need to start selling. Thanks to its flexible framework, it doesn’t restrict you from adding new ones in the future.

Ready to Scale

Whether you’re getting 10, 100, or 1000 daily visitors, Garden can serve them all equally well. The theme is designed in a way that ensures your store offers equally good UX at all times. No matter how many products you offer or how many people visit your store.

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Make Sure the Looks
Suit Your Brand

Use the built-in theme customizer and edit your store’s design in seconds

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Up Your eCommerce Game
with a Mobile App

Discover how Garden’s mobile app can benefit your eCommerce business:


High Customer Loyalty

A mobile app helps you stand out. It gives your audience the fastest way to access your store
Most importantly, it lets you spoil your audience with a world-class mobile shopping experience. Top that with excellent customer service and products and you can be sure they’ll keep coming back!

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Better Transaction

A mobile app lets you offer your audience a secure, convenient shopping environment. One that was created specifically for them.
This helps you make your customers feel safe during checkout. Which, in turn, increases your conversion rate.


Unbeatable Convenience

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest benefits of a mobile app is its convenience.
Once your customers install it, all they have to do to start browsing your offer is a single tap. And, once they open the app, they need just a few more to pick the right product and finalize the transaction

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Power Your Store with A
World-Class Backend

Discover the benefits of using Laravel - a high-performing PHP framework

A Framework That’s Here to Stay

Technologies come and go. The last thing you want is to build your business using a technology that’ll stop getting updated shortly after you go live. The good news is that Laravel has been around for over a decade - and the framework is not going anywhere.

Thanks to frequent updates, Laravel lets you benefit from the latest features and innovations in web development. Get a store that’s faster, more secure, and better optimized for different devices.

Access an Active Community

Want to make changes or updates to the theme on your own? Laravel’s active community of developers is there to give you a hand or guide you in your development efforts in the right direction. And, don’t forget that you can always reach out to our support too!

Leverage Our Expertise
& Save Precious Time

With our Garden eCommerce package, you can take advantage
of years of experience and hundreds of developed projects.

Spend Your Time on Things That Matter

Your time is better used doing things that help you grow your business. Give the development work to professionals and focus on marketing, sales, and any of the high-level tasks that bring you closer to success.

Get a Modern Store and Give Your Sales a Boost

Design sells - and so do beautiful creatives. While we can’t create images or videos of your products, we can give you a beautiful, modern theme. One that’ll help you present your offer and give your sales a boost.

Increase Your Long-Term ROI

The better the foundation that you lay for your store, the higher your long-term ROI. With the Garden eCommerce package, you get a store that’s designed to help you build a brand that you can keep growing for years to come.

Get Access to an Experienced Team

When you invest in the Garden package, you get the benefit of working with our development team. Thanks to that, you don’t have to look for a team who could support you, add new features, or do customization work should you need any.

Get Garden and Become a Star
in the Gardening Niche

Get a done-for-you eCommerce package and get a modern, high-performing eCommerce store. Enjoy the security of a Laravel ba0ckend,
the convenience of a mobile app, and take your online sales to a whole new level.

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