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Accounting and Billing Tool

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About Product

AccountGo SaaS is a account management software that facilitates ease in calculation of revenue by keeping a tab on all the accountancy matters of business. Based on Laravel, this accountancy software will make your business operations smooth and convenient. A graphical and tabular representation of various elements will help you make informed decisions for your firm. With a SAAS version create plans using a super admin login.

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A visually attractive dashboard to understand business activities

Restriction on staff permissions

Curation of various roles for users by selecting permissions on various modules

Availability in multiple languages makes it a tool accessible on global platforms

Settings to add currencies according to requirement

Creation of constant for Taxes,payment method and other parameters

Management of banking by creating accounts, making transfer and managing transactions

Creation of Invoices and Bills and management of revenue and payment

Customer can pay invoice via Stripe and Paypal

Creation of detailed list of your products and service offerings

Multiple taxes

10 attractive pdf templates and a colour palette to customise your invoice & bills

Get your payments done with stripe and paypal payment gateway while user purchasing plan

Efficient Dashboard

Get an overview of total customers, vendors, invoices and bill along with a numeric charts for Income VS Expenses, Latest income and Expense. Individual Graph representation of cash flow, Income categories, Expense categories and Income- Expense chart will give visual status of various accounting details of business.

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Manage your products and service

Manage your product and services list by assigning SKU, tax, units, categories, sales price, purchase price and descriptions. You can also edit this list according to changing times. With this you would have complete tab on your account matters and you won’t have to go places to find product details.

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Customer and Vendors access

Maintain a database of your customers by creating their unique email address. Customers can login and view the status of their invoices and transaction details as and when required. You could maintain the records for their shipping and billing address, thereby facilitating ease in trade. In a similar way, Vendors could access their bills and transactions by assigning them their unique Email address.

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Manage your proposals

Creating and sending proposals has never been easier. Create new proposals by selecting customers adding products/ services to that list. You can edit existing proposals by adding or removing products. You can send these proposals and also check the status of these proposals. Create duplicates and convert these proposals to invoice through simple click. Just imagine the number of work hours you would save through this.

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Get a report on transactions with easy filtering option. Download the required account statements in either of PDF, CSV or Excel format. You get a duly prepared reports on individual Income, Expense,Tax, Invoice and bill summary. Filter them on basis of Account, category and customers.

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Create plans and get payment

With a super admin login, create plans that are most feasible for your business model. Select an appropriate pricing and duration for created plan. Get payment using stripe and paypal payment gateway. The plan would be disabled if not renewed after its expiry.

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Company settings

Customize your site setting by adding the files of logo and creating the text for title. Create the custom settings for company and Email address. With system settings you could add currencies and determine their location.

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