Meet Artcraft Handmade…a Theme. Curated
Exclusively For Handicraft Businesses

Want to showcase your handmade art crafts? This premium theme can help expand your brand
by utilizing intuitive and traffic-attracting designs.


The Perfect Theme To Increase Sales

Our Artcraft Handmade theme offers the optimal capabilities to expand your Artcraft
and Handmade business and attract potential consumers to purchase your products.


Allow Customers To View Your
Product In Detail

By adding multiple product images and high-quality videos for each product, provide your audience with all the information before they purchase. This can help increase your credibility, build trust, and boost your conversion rate.


Ensure Your Clients
Always Get What
They Require

Effective navigation is essential for ensuring the success of any eCommerce store. Your audience can easily find the products they want by providing advanced filtering and search options. You can also categorize products and add features to help your audience explore your stores offerings more easily.


Deliver An
Exceptional UX

This theme is designed to create a responsive and fast store that works well on all modern mobile devices, helping you provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your audience.

Optimizing the store for mobile allows customers to purchase your products from any location on any device.

With the Artcraft Handmade theme, you can establish a distinctive brand your target market can relate to and support. Building a strong relationship with your clients will promote customer retention and help boost your eCommerce store sales.

Enable Customers To Access Products
With A Single Click

Create an influence on customers with our Artcraft & Handmade theme.

Wishlists For Products

Offer your audience a feature to create lists of products they are interested in purchasing. You can then use this data to encourage them to return and make a purchase, ultimately increasing your sales. This helps create a reason for them to return to your store.

Adaptive Filtering

Make it easy for your customers to find the specific products they want by using filtering options like product availability, price, color, size, product type, and brand.

Product Visualization

Make your products stand out with videos. Add videos to your product galleries to enhance the customer experience and increase your conversion rate. Mix videos with images to create a dynamic shopping experience.

User-Friendly Product Pages

Design your product pages to make it simple for customers to find all the necessary information and make a purchase decision. A well-organized page will improve the shopping experience for your visitors.

Responsive Design

Mobile commerce now accounts for a significant portion of online sales. To ensure a seamless shopping experience for all customers, we tested the theme on various mobile devices.

Accelerated Performance

Speed is crucial in user experience and search engine optimization. It affects your ranking and has a significant impact on conversion rates. We maintain clean, speed-optimized codes to ensure our themes are fast and efficient.

Encrypted Code

We put all of our themes through rigorous testing to ensure the code is secure and reliable. We also regularly release updates that include new security features, so you can be confident that your store and your customer's data are always protected.

All Essential E-commerce Features
In A Single Theme

View the various facets of the theme.

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Carefully Built By eCommerce Experts

Coded using decades of eCommerce experience by skilled developers.

Receive All The Necessary Tools In One Place

Our team has extensive experience in the eCommerce industry, allowing us to create a theme that includes everything you need to run a successful online store.

A Converting Theme

We have years of experience in the eCommerce industry and have learned what strategies and techniques are effective in driving sales and conversion. With our theme, you can benefit from this knowledge and get a store optimized for conversion, including elements like fast loading speed, well-designed product pages, and a user-friendly layout.


Our Artcraft handmade theme specifically caters to the Handicraft industry. With it, you get all the features you need to build a successful online fashion store. It's been designed to help you stand out in your niche and provide a user-friendly experience for your customers.

Easy Integrations

You can expand your store's capabilities by integrating it with third-party tools, such as autoresponders and payment gateways. This theme is designed to be compatible with many popular eCommerce apps.

Launch A Successful Artcraft Handmade
Online Business To Sell Your Creations


Do You Require More Than An Artcraft Handmade Theme?

Purchase a fully-equipped eCommerce store to begin selling.

An Artcraft Handmade-Focused Theme

Create a professional and successful online fashion store with our Artcraft handmade eCommerce theme. This theme is optimized for conversion and specifically designed for the Handicraft industry. It offers a fast, responsive, and easy-to-navigate interface to help you attract and retain customers.

Brand-Accessible Design

Create a reliable online store that inspires confidence in your customers. The Artcraft handmade theme is a powerful tool for building a successful eCommerce business in the Handicraft industry. It offers all the features you need to attract loyal customers, establish your brand, and generate long-term success.

Start your sales sooner

Eliminate the time-consuming process of building an online store from scratch. The eCommerce package includes everything you need to get your store up and running quickly, including a ready-to-go store that can start sales in a few days.


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